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Автор Тема: A few questions...  (Прочитано 13846 раз)

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Re: A few questions...
« Reply #20 : 11 Лютого 2010, 22:35:27 »
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It's nice for the begining. How about your impressions from the first light? Will you tell us?
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Re: A few questions...
« Reply #21 : 12 Лютого 2010, 20:33:49 »
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Off course - I will gladly give you my impressions of it as soon as I get the chance to use it - which may be a while given the terrible weather at the moment! But what can I expect when I buy a telescope in the height of winter?!

It's assembly is very, very easy even for someone like me who can be a bit slow with these things! I'm not sure what the optics will be like but it certainly looks the part (but then again I am no expert). The shop I bought it from in Kiev have so far turned out to be very reliable. Any re-collimation issues will be covered by the warranty and they will still help me after this period if need be. Everything was delivered in good order.

All I need now is a little patience and I'll soon be on my way!

Thanks again folks for all your helpful posts and congratulations  :)

Roman K.

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Re: A few questions...
« Reply #22 : 14 Лютого 2010, 23:20:02 »
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(...) given the terrible weather at the moment!
Well, it always happens when somebody buys a new scope  ;) (the weather is nasty indeed, I agree. I couldnt get home today because the door was frozen...
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