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Автор Тема: Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte)  (Прочитано 880 раз)

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Олег Малый

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Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte)
« : 11 Вересня 2010, 22:08:19 »
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Download the Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte) http://www.biophysik.uni-freiburg.de/Reiner/ATM/pdf/Sharpless.pdf


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Re: Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte)
« Reply #1 : 11 Вересня 2010, 22:18:13 »
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Задался вопросом, ачоэтоваще - вот ответ.
The Sharpless Observing Atlas

For the Observing Atlas, I scanned the digitized POSS plates and used the compilation of Kevin Jardine at GalaxyMap, who has put together an incredible collection of information about our galaxy. Also very helpful were the broad band and emission line photographs of Dean Salman at www.sharplesscatalog.com. The Observing Atlas does not cover the Sharpless Catalog completely. Rather, it is a selection of those objects where there is at least a marginal chance of visual observation. I therefore neglected those very large, dim, low contrast entries of the catalog, which appear to be mostly H-alpha targets. Still, the Atlas comprises more than 220 objects.

In the Sharpless Observing Atlas, a 60x60 arcminute DSS image is shown for each object, which was derived mostly from the POSS II red plates (blue plates if the object is mostly a reflection nebula). This area is large enough to locate the field using the Sky Atlas 2000 or Uranometria. Below are close ups from either the blue or red POSS II plates, to give you a feeling about relative HII and OIII intensities. In addition, there are POSS II composites from Kevin Jardine's site or narrowband images from Dean Salman and others.

The data table comprises the coordinates (in 2000) and the original Sharpless classification entries for diameter, form, structure, and brightness. This is followed by a short description from Kevin Jardine's website and some space left for observing notes.

For each page, there are two finder charts with 20° and 5 ° field of view.

You can print the atlas double-sided, such that you have the description on the front page and the finder charts on the back side. If you prefer to have the two pages facing, delete the empty page after the introduction.
DOB 8" Pyrex; SW 1149-EQ1; Canon EOS 1100D


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Re: Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte)
« Reply #2 : 16 Вересня 2010, 15:07:44 »
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Отличный каталог! Спасибо!
Нас окружают идиоты
тесней сжимая полукруг...


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Re: Sharpless Observing Atlas (92 MByte)
« Reply #3 : 16 Вересня 2010, 20:21:58 »
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