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Автор Тема: "Ночі Галілея" на Полтавщині  (Прочитано 3007 раз)

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"Ночі Галілея" на Полтавщині
« : 29 Вересня 2009, 21:30:18 »
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Roman K.

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Re:"Ночі Галілея" на Полтавщині
« Reply #1 : 21 Жовтня 2009, 19:49:47 »
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Hi everybody,

This e-mail update is going to all IYA2009 SPoCs, those who are marked
as Local Contacts on the Galilean Nights website and also to the
organisers of Galilean Nights events.  We wanted to update you on a few
things before everything starts getting manic tomorrow.

First off all, the official press release from IYA2009/IAU, Galilean
Nights: Get Ready for a Galileo Experience!  went out today announcing
the start of Galilean Nights.  With over 1000 events now registered the
next few days will certainly see huge numbers of people observing the
skies.  You can see the press release here:

Many events already have in place a "Plan B" in case of bad weather or
other circumstances affecting activities, but up today on the Galilean
Nights website are some suggestions of activities to consider in the
event of not being able to carry out the observing that is planned:
(Thanks to Nelma Silva and Ricardo Reis from CAUP (www.astro.up.pt) for
the first draft)

Once your events are over, we really want to hear from you to find out
how things went and to hear all of your stories.  So please be sure to
share the experience with us, by sending in a short report and
photographs from all of your activities, this will also help us to
evaluate the Galilean Nights project as a whole.  To recognise the
dedication and hard-work that goes into organising these events, there
will also be a number of awards given out, covering the following
categories: Outstanding Galilean Nights Event; Largest number of
registered events held by a single group; Largest single registered
event; Community outreach and Most innovative event.  The recipients of
the awards will be chosen based on the event reports.  More details of
what should be included in the reports will be announced on the website
soon, but you can start preparing now!

IYA2009 Staff Writer, Lee Pullen, has started his Live Blog, building up
to his upcoming trip to Munich where he will be reporting from the
different Galilean Nights events taking place there.  Alongside the Live
Blog is the Galilean Nights group blog, with posts written by event
organisers, sharing their plans for Galilean Nights and stories from
their IYA2009 activities.  You can access both blogs through the
Galilean Nights webiste (www.galileannights.org) or you can follow both
blogs directly by going to the Cosmic Diary (www.cosmicdiary.org) and
choosing one of the two Galilean Nights links from the right-hand menu.
Both blogs have RSS feeds that you can sign up to.

For the SPoCs and Local Contacts, if you can make one last effort to get
events from your countries registered on the Galilean Nights website:
http://www.galileannights.org/register_event.html.  If you have events
registered elsewhere you can also send along a data export so that they
can be added directly to the database quickly and easily.

Good luck to all of you with your events over the next few days, I hope
everything goes very well and be sure to add photos from your activities
on the Galilean Nights Flick group: www.flickr.com/groups/galileannights

Best wishes,

Pedro Russo
IYA2009 Coordinator

Catherine Moloney
Galilean Nights Coordinator
galileannights-events mailing list
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